Influence Customers

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Cross Sales & Up Sales

When people vacationers visit your lodging facility, they will take lots of pics for their family and friends back at home. With your new digital signage, you can set up a special hashtag for your resort, then get your customers to take their photos in the lobby area. Of course, you can manually control which images appear on the screens in your hotel.

Get Your Guests on Social Media.

Whenever a retailer shows products on their digital sign, it can sway their patrons into thinking about what it is they want to buy while in the store. Showing the on-sale items for the coming days (or simply reminding them as they shop) can affect the food they buy, clothing they try on, or appliances or outdoor equipment they consider purchasing. It’s a great way to bolster sales within the establishment.

Retail Stores

Digital menu boards allow you to effortlessly influence your customers’ food choices at the point-of-sale. Sure, when your patrons first started thinking about visiting your establishment earlier that day, they may have had a general idea of what they wanted to order for themselves and/or their friends and family. Nine times out of ten, they saw your regular menu in either its online or paper format before stepping into the restaurant and up to the counter..

​Digital menu boards